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Various clients have written reviews about our working methods, products, customer focus, etc. Below you will find a selection of the many positive reactions from companies we have supplied our products to.

WeComSol is a company that specializes in the IT sector. This company is multi-usable in the field of Cloud products, System network management & delivery of hardware and software.

In the past, Dankers has provided sustainable suitcases with interior for WeComSol for the safe transport of measuring equipment and customer hardware.

"We are happy to have Dankers as a reliable partner when it comes to the safe transport of our measuring equipment and preconfigured hardware for our end customers." Dankers delivers quickly, meets appointments and provides the best product!

"Thanks again for the good and fast work!

Today already used for the first time and we received a compliment from the customer that it looked professional.

"Just wanted to say that you have again delivered craftsmanship! Super nice and profi! Also the small details such as the logo in the foam on the inside. And thanks for the fast delivery"

First of all, thanks for the good support "the right people make the difference"!

The exoskeleton fits! Thank you very much for all the help and the quick thinking.