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Dankers offers the possibility to search directly for dimensions. You fill in the internal dimensions of the case, and we make a selection for you based on your criteria. Easy!

Why choose Dankers Special Cases?

Dankers Special Case Products distinguishes itself by delivering boxes and cases of high quality and offers flexibility , good service , advice and short delivery times. Our large, loyal and satisfied customer base is the best proof of the success of this method. In a number of  videos we have highlighted our company, the products and our working methods.

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Step by step help to the right solution


Dankers Special Case Products guides you step by step to the most suitable boxes and / or suitcases for your application. Our employees ensure that your wishes are fully met to your expectations.

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On our website you will find an overview of all our cases and suitcases. Would you like to recieve a quotation, please contact us

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Dankers recently built a flight case for one of our clients. Their service was excellent, fast and reliable. I would not hesitate to let them build and advice on a next one. Highly recommended

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